Black Basel

Swizz Beatz DJs at Bacardi No Commission. (Photo: TriniTrivia)

Over the last decade, curators, art collectors and art enthusiasts have united with deliberate urgency to claim space for artists of the African diaspora at the highly successful Art Basel Miami Beach. This movement has been branded Black Basel.

The five day art fair attracts 3 million visitors who drop million$ on art, food, liquor and accommodations from as early as three weeks ahead of the opening day, to participate in a slew of satellite fairs and events that warm the stage. Black Basel is comprised of local galleries and museums, and seasonal consortiums that host shows, panels, parties and activations specially curated for the Art Basel traffic.

Lock-in these links to plot your flow for Art Basel Miami Beach >>

MoCAD   |   PRIZM Art Fair   |   Art Africa   |   Yeelen Gallery   |   African Heritage Cultural Arts Center   |   Haitian Heritage Museum   |   Dean Collection x Bacardi No Commission

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