Crowning the Queen & King

Leslie Ann Boisselle portrays 'A Musical Ensemble in D Pan Yard' (Copyright © TriniTrivia | Do Not Use Photography Without Consent and Credit.)

Your visit to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival incomplete if you miss the event that is the  crowning spectacle of Carnival — Queen & King of Carnival Finals.

Sanctioned by the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA), on this night the Queen’s Park Savannah is as tight as a pressure cooker for Carnival enthusiasts who invest 10 months to produce magnificently complex and gigantic mobiles that are often 50 times  the size of  the masquerader carrying the vibrant invention.

Immerse yourself in all things Carnival, visit the NCC website.

Explore the calendar of NCBA events for Carnival 2020, click there >> National Carnival Bands Association

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