Iron Pot Bread

(Photo by Pat Ganase)

This how-to variation on making Iron Pot Bread is
provided by blogger and baking aficionado Pat Ganase .
Sample and see her other recipes by visiting >> WildGirl-InTheKitchen.


Flour, four cups of water to one cup of whole wheat
(you can experiment with combinations).

Salt – 1 teaspoon
Instant yeast – 1 teaspoon
Water – 2 cups
Mix together in a large bowl.
Bread is an inexact art, so a little more flour
might make it suffer. A little more flower
may make it stiffer. A little more water will
make a gooey sponge.
Cover and leave overnight (or for four – five hours).

Next Morning:

Add flour, a handful at a time
and mix into a big ball.
Use your hands to knead.
The dough should be soft and spongy.
Cover and leave for an hour or so.

Grease your iron pot, deep ovenproof dish,
or flat heatproof tray (a tawa works fine).
I use a slick of coconut oil.

Roll and reshape the dough ball with
floured hands and put in the middle of
your pot or tawa.
Cover and leave for a few hours or until
the dough has risen — about double.

Heat oven 425 F or 230 C.
Cover pot and bake bread for half-hour,


(Photo by Pat Ganase)

uncover (be careful, very, very hot) and
bake for another half-hour.

If you are not using a pot, bake for
45-minutes or until the bread has a
hollow sound when knocked.

Cool well before slicing for serving.

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