Catering to the Super Bowl

“Francine Powers is inspiring greatness and pride in the Miami community,” according to a report in the #MiamiProud segment produced by CBS affiliate WFOR TV in Miami. Francine’s “big break” with the NFL came in 1995 when her catering company scored a supplier contract for Super Bowl XXIX.

Francine’s catering company also catered to the Super Bowl in Miami in 2007 and 2010. She travels to various cities to share insights that help businesses with their bid to cater a Super Bowl.  “I always say to vendors, don’t necessarily think this is going to make you rich. It’s not going to make you rich. Look at it for the experience, look at it for the knowledge, look at it for the way it is going to expand your horizon,” shares South Florida-based caterer Francine Powers

View interview by Miami CBS Local WFOR TV, just click link >> Super Bowl Tips From Trini Caterer

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