Survive a Sinking Car

When you live on an island you’re surrounded by water and expected to know how to swim. A surprising number of residents cannot swim because they say they only dip in the gentle surf during a beach visit. Knowing how to escape a sinking car should be a requirement of securing a driver’s license when you live on an island. Whether you’re negotiating flooded roads in Carenage during a relentless storm or crossing a small bridge to Blanchisseuse, an accident involving water can become a threat to life.

“Speed is the key to saving your life.” According to leading researcher Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, Researcher, University of Manitoba, “The first 30 to 60 seconds is when you have to get out of that vehicle.”  Unstrap seat belts and wind down the glass. “It’s too late to push a car door open when a car is already under water.”  To view the 2-minute survival demonstration reported by journalist Lisa Stark for #ABCNews that could save your life, just click this link >> How to Escape a Submerged Car

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