Recognize a Rip Tide in 1 Minute

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I was with a friend enjoying the enchanting Englishman’s Bay in Tobago. Curiosity steered me into shallow tides to snap a shot of the coast from the water’s edge. I am 5′ 11″ tall. I was knee-deep at first, then took a few steps further. I was waistline deep, when in a blink of an eye, I was snatched off my feet, and pulled under water and away from shore. Shocked, I barely heard my yells. Instinctively, I forced my weight toward shore as I was still in fairly shallow waters. My Minolta camera was ruined and I never got a shot. That was my first experience with a rip tide. It was terrorizing.

How to recognize a rip tide in 1 minute is an awareness every beachgoer should have in tow like an obligatory drink cooler and slippers,  because this knowledge can become a life-saving skill. Alex Molldrem posted a short video that shows you how to identify a rip tide, to watch this useful tip click this link >> HOW TO RECOGNIZE A RIP TIDE



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