Fencing with Pallets

Wooden shipping pallets are the key element for the DIY fencing project your imagination has yearned. Whether you want to privatize an acre of yardage, a cozy herb garden, or a grazing area for yard fowl, pallets are configured to require as little customization as you desire, and accessible to the tightest of shoestring budgets. Pallets are usually carted off to dumpsters once cargo is off-loaded. Imagineers have converted these wooden platforms into functional furnishings for every room in a home, now they’re showing up as outdoor fences and facilities.


Source: Unknown

The DIY explorers and researchers at OffGridWorld.com assembled some awesome upcycle applications for pallets, that we believe many will find compatible with Caribbean lifestyles. Consider these cost-saving tips to fencing your property, just follow this link >> 12 Impressive Pallet Fence Ideas

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