Keys to Succeed in Hospitality

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Our hospitality insiders span the region, they own homegrown B-n-Bs, staff luxury eco-resorts, and manage franchised hotels, and each answered our call for a few pointers.

Scoring appealing R&R numbers (revenue & return visits) is the objective that drives business. But in hospitality, the details and simple ingredients that build reputation, brand loyalty and guest experience, are what matter most. Without thoughtful attention to details, business growth becomes a wish trapped in a riptide.

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Our insiders agree, providing good service is not rocket science. These are the 10 key principles to succeed at AirBnB and hotel operation:

  • Greet your guests with a warm welcome, preferably by their name.

  • Delivering superior service should be your priority.

  • Smile and dress accordingly, common areas in your property are your stage.

  • Acknowledge your guests as you pass them in common areas with a warm ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Evening’.

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  • Always maintain a positive attitude.

  • Comply with your guest’s request(s).

  • Be knowledgeable of the geographic assets, challenges and changes in the community around your property.

  • Empower and insist that all your staff are sales leads, who should promote your property whenever possible.

  • Use creative ways to routinely remind your team that superior service is everyone’s job. Incentivize staff as often as possible.

  • Each departing guest should be invited to return, and sent-off with a warm ‘Good Bye’.

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