Dianne Preps Us For a Career Pivot

Dianne-Hunt-Career-Pivot-Tea-Business-TriniTrivia Dianne Hunt. © TriniTrivia | Kindly Do Not Use Photography Without Consent and Credit.

Adjusting to a new normal isn’t typically prompted by a global health crisis for Dianne Hunt. During 30 years in business, her career path has been reset multiple times. Hunt has been a designer for fast fashion label Radical Designs, exec. producer of Fashion Week TT, purveyor of home accessories with DH Gifts, and 6 years ago she dreamed-up Dianne Tea Shop to enter the competitive food service sector.

Raised in Curepe, until she migrated to Montreal, Canada to study fashion at LaSalle College, Hunt is a single mom and passionate about nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in ambitious youth, like her son Sebastian.

Hunt faithfully follows the holism philosophy, and says the next best place to be in T&T, aside from her tranquil city home, is Brasso Seco. “It’s like an energy vortex in Brasso Seco, it’s my Garden of Eden”.

Fearless, aptly describes Hunt’s approach to a career pivot. As 2020 ends, she’s started planning another career pivot for 2021. Hunt says her next venture will be more art-centric. “COVID has taught all of us to remain optimistic,” she added. Months before COVID-19 shuttered borders and businesses, Ms. Hunt steeped a pot of rooibois tea for a chat in her charming brunch and lunch tea shop in Maraval. In this video, Hunt draws from experience to school us on how to navigate a career pivot.

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