12 Transferable Skills For Your Resume

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A new year, a milestone accomplishment, or the urges of natural progression, are among the valid reasons to dispatch your new and improved resume.

As you embark on refreshing your resume, it can be worthwhile to explore credible online resources for resume writing tips. Also seek out resume insights that are specific to your career pursuit, like applying for a government job. Once you’ve gathered your resume updates, composed a draft, and decided whether you’ll shift to another industry, it’s to your benefit to smartly assemble statements that concisely promote your transferable skills, according to our career advice contacts.

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These 12 one-liners could be positioned in your cover letter and utilized to build-out the ‘Experience’ section of your resume. Whether you are a laborer, office worker, or in a supervisory role, these samples will certainly trigger an ah-ha that makes you take stock of how many other skills you may have been overlooking. That’s okay, the past serves to help you do better, and now you can. That’s what matters most.

  1. Experience in dealing with and understanding the needs of management.
  2. Understands work processes and can integrate common activities across organizations.
  3. Foster trust and cooperation among team members.
  4. Resourceful with ideas and concept development.
  5. Accurately interpret customers’ problems and offer the best solution.
  6. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  7. Able to diffuse difficult situations.
  8. Experienced team worker; able to work cooperatively and independently.
  9. Great with numbers, research projects, date compilation, pricing statistics.
  10. Reputation for attaining organizational profit and growth.
  11. Poised and self-confident in dealing with a wide variety of people.
  12. Experienced team worker; able to work cooperatively or independently.

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