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If you have talent with a camera or cell phone, a healthy obsession with fact-checking, and a knack for composing clever, concise text, let those skills serve your publicity needs, here’s how.

Start the conversation by submitting a few topics you are deeply familiar with and that are relevant to anyone interested in the history, traditions and trailblazers of Trinidad & Tobago.

Take a moment to study the style, composition, technical elements and overall quality of the visuals and text in TriniTrivia quizzes. It is imperative to adhere to style standards for the convenience of our audience.

If you wish to compose trivia challenges, be mindful that your preview submission should contain: a brief intro to your quiz, 5 questions each with 4 answer options including one verifiable correct answer. Trivia must conform with our examples of content that is in good taste. Take your time, it can require 9 hours to research and draft 5 questions for one strong trivia challenge. We will gladly work with you to refine your trivia submission.

When you’re ready, we look forward to discussing your proposed trivia submission(s). The successful trivia you contribute will show your full name credit in the preview and in the score results panels of the trivia you produce. A link to your website can be embedded in your name credit. (Your website must meet our decency criteria.)

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