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Facebook algorithms display paid ads to the friends of friends who like a company, with the assumption that many friends like and shop at the same businesses. That sounds like a pricey gamble instead of a bankable investment. #Avoid-Flawed-Algorithms.

Reaching the valued Caribbean audience shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. TriniTrivia helps your brand speak directly to loyal customers and forge new relations. Our engagement approach stimulates curiosity and delivers meaningful interactions.

Use customized TriniTrivia placements to communicate how your brand, products and services fit many lifestyles. Your sponsored TriniTrivia game lets you showcase insightful product touchpoints, and direct deeper interactions to your website and in-store promotions.

The ROI (return on investment) for your ad on begins with interactive engagement with a MASSIVE community of T&T enthusiasts. Research proves, brand engagement that attracts consumer interactions resonates longer and deeper, and builds brand familiarity.


•  HomePage Slider Banner Ad w/page + link
•  HomePage Display Ad w/link
•  Homepage Slider (Upto 10 Slides) each w/page + links
•  HomePage Lower Banner Ad w/link
•  Trivia or Editorial Display Ad w/link
•  Article Text Links
•  Sponsored Trivia with Embedded Links in Score Panels
•  Trivia Score Panel Embedded Links
•  Video HomePage Sidebar (Played via YouTube Link)
•  Video Trivia/Editorial Sidebar (Played via YouTube Link)
•  Video Footer Panel (Played via YouTube Link)

Our creative contributors are resourceful, independent advertising veterans, who produce copywriting,

videography, digital photography and layout design tailored to your specifications.

Ad Design Services priced on a per job basis.

Small businesses and contractors are encouraged to contact

we’re eager to create options that fit your strategy and budget,

and help your brand raise the bar.

Corporations are invited to request a TriniTrivia Ad Rate Card.

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